Residential Service Plans

 Protect your computer and eliminate unexpected repair costs:

  • No charge for in store labor (parts for repairs not covered)
  • Covers any problems – Infections, system crashes, accidental damage, acts of God and so on*
  • No limit on how many times your computer can be serviced
  • 24-48 hour turn around time (compared to 48-72 hours for non service plan customers)
  • Highest priority on repairs – Service Plan customers take priority over those not on a service plan
  • 2 free house calls per year to help with networking, wireless printers and so on*
  • Flat fee of $50 for each additional service call (Compared to $75 per hour for non service plan customers)

What does it cover?

You may have up to 3 computers on the service plan at any time, or add additional computers for a small yearly fee. The service plan covers any Windows based PC and anything related to that PC; including hardware and operating system software.

What is not covered?

We currently do not service Apple Products, Android Products or PC’s running non Windows operating systems. However, in some cases  we may be able to help troubleshoot some issues.

How much does it cost?

The cost is a flat yearly rate of $200. When you first signup there is an additional $50 processing fee. As long as the account is renewed every year there will be no additional processing fees. If the account is not renewed within 45 days of the service plan expiring, there will be an additional $50 processing fee to reactivate the service plan.

What if I have more than 3 devices?

If you have more than 3 devices that you would like covered under the service plan, you may add them at any time for an additional $25 per year, which will be pro rated based on your signup/renewal date. There is no limit to how many total devices you can have on the same service plan as long as they are in the same household.

* House call time frames are based on technician availability and may vary.

Doug CarlsonResidential Service Plans